Adopt a Horse

Welcome to our horse adoption page! Thank you for considering adopting instead of buying. When you adopt from us, not only are you offering a horse who may have had a poor start in life a loving home, but you free up space at our small horse rescue center for more horses or ponies in need. We couldn’t continue our work without people like you! We work with other local horse rescue facilities so some of the horses below may not be housed at our Canham Farm Horse Rescue, Rehabilitation and Horse Training Center.

The below horses and ponies are currently available for adoption. If you can’t find a suitable horse or pony on our website you are very welcome to contact us on priligy order in india 831-588-5198.

Feral Mustang Fillies age 6 & 8 Months (approx)


Cheyenne (left) Adoption Pending

These gorgeous, un-handled feral mustang fillies were bound for slaughter.

We stepped in to save them and are working with them to get them used to being handled and comfortable with humans around. We would like these two to be adopted as a pair if possible. The sky is the limit with these two beautiful babies.

These fillies are not yet halter trained but we anticipate they will be soon. They are very curious and are slowly approaching us. Time and patience is working.

To enquire about adopting these fillies please contact us today!

Please note: Potential adoptees must have experience bringing up babies.

You can also Virtually Adopt these Fillies by visiting our Virtual Horse Adoption Page.

Harry Kane – Palomino Gelding Yearling

Oh, Harry Kane! For those of you who aren’t aware, Harry Kane is (once again) an English soccer player. And, yes, he is playing in the World Cup. However, our Harry Kane is a gorgeous palomino yearling who came to us as an owner relinquish. He does need some basic manners but leads, ties, trailers and loves to be groomed. He is available for virtual adoption or adoption depending on the adoptee’s experience with young ones.




Maya – Bay Yearling – Available for Virtual Adoption

What to say about Maya. Cute as a button but still a little wary. She halters and leads well but is not very happy about the whole procedure. That said, she’s come a long way since she’s been with us and is no longer the “feral” foal she once was. Recent photo coming soon.

ZiZi – Bay Mare Approximately 8 years old – Available for Virtual Adoption


Zizi looks to be a Connemara pony. She was a confiscation from an abuse case. Zizi finds it hard to trust humans, and it’s my belief that she had been treated badly in the past. She can be very nervous but we are working with her. Our chiropractor adjusted her recently and found her poll to be out. She has likely had a headache and eyesight problems for a while. We are hoping this adjustment will help with her nervousness. ZiZi halters, leads, loads, picks up her feetand has been under saddle in the past. She is approx. 8-years-old. Please call Julia at 831-588-5198 or contact us about sponsoring ZiZi’s continued training.