Step Up For Horses


They are Teachers, Best Friends, Therapists, Workers, Entertainers

#StepUpForHorses Campaign

can you buy robaxin over the counter in canada #StepUpForHorses is a campaign to inspire people to promote the unique partnership between horses and humans, to help people understand they have an important role in society and to keep them safe from harm. Whether wild horses, equine athletes, companions, conservation grazers horses contribute to our lives, our culture and our economy. It is up to us to # StepUpForHorses and take full responsibility for their welfare, now and in the future.
Hillary and Maya the Mustang #StepUpForHorses SuperStar

All it takes to join the get link #StepUpForHorses campaign is a $20 donation. Or any amount from major gifts to small gifts.  Every donation helps make a difference to a horses’ future! All #StepUpForHorses participants will receive a #StepUpForHorses bracelet.

“Sometimes the Smallest Step in the Right Direction Ends Up Being the Biggest Step of Your Life”  Naeem Callaway

Step Up For Horses

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50 Percent of your #StepUpForHorses donation will be awarded to deserving Horse Charities with Wild Horse Charities given priority or will be chosen based on your recommendations and requests from the Charities themselves. The remaining donations will be used to advocate and educate people regarding wild horses and help rescue abused, slaughter-bound and neglected horses.

Here’s What Else You Can Do.

Help educate and inspire more horse lovers to #StepUpForHorses. “Like” and follow us social media — Facebook  and Twitter — and consider asking your friends to do the same. The more likes and followers we have, the more we can do to save horses!

It’s easy!

1. Download and print the #StepUpForHorses Sign.

2. Post your Photo with the sign on Your Social Media Page tagging #canhamhorserescue and #StepUpForHorses or email us your photo.

3. Ask your friends to do the same.