Our Philosophy

Canham Farm Horse Rescue is a horse rescue, training and educational facility dedicated to helping  all horses in need. Whether they be horses and ponies who have been neglected and need a place to rehabilitate, those who are gifted to us by their owners who can no longer keep them or feedlot horses bound for slaughter in Canada or Mexico, we try to help as many horses we have as we can.

Our vision is a world where every horse is treated with respect, compassion and understanding. As a small facility we aim to help as many horses as we can as space allows.

Our mission is to work with rescue horses, horse owners, communities, organizations and governments to help improve welfare standards and stamp out equine suffering. We not only work with abandoned, abused, neglected or slaughter bound horses but aim to educate horse owners, provide re-training when needed and educate people to interact with horses in a way that benefits both horse and human

Our Values

In everything we do, we aim to be:

  • Realistic in our approach, focusing on the practical to achieve what is possible now while mindful of the future
  • Compassionate in our attitudes, behavior and decision-making
  • Forward-thinking in anticipating challenge and change, always seeking new ways of being more effective

We are always grateful for any contribution from whether this be a donation of tack, rugs, your time volunteering, other services or a financial donation. There are many ways you can support us so please have a good read through our pages for inspiration!