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Adopt a HorseAdopt a Horse From Us! 

Welcome to our horse adoption page! Thank you for considering adopting instead of buying. When you adopt from us, not only are you offering a horse who may have had a poor start in life a loving home, but you free up space at our small horse rescue center for more horses or ponies in need. In addition we rehabilitate and train our horses before we allow them to be adopted to ensure they are ready for a new family!

We couldn’t continue our work without people like you! We work with other local horse rescue facilities so some of the horses below may not be housed at our Canham Farm Horse Rescue, Rehabilitation and Horse Training Center.

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The below horses and ponies are currently available for adoption. If you are interested in any of our available horses you can download and complete an application form then send it to us via email.

If you can’t find a suitable horse or pony on our website you are very welcome to contact us on 831-588-5198 or send us an email.

Cleo – Devil’s Garden Mustang From Forest Service Round up – $1000

Mustang for adoption

Meet Cleo, a 10+ Year old Devil’s Garden Mustang Rounded up by the United States Forest Service. Pregnant when she arrived at our facility, she gave birth to a beautiful colt who has since been adopted. Cleo has been gentled by us with some help from Ray Berta (photo). She is halter trained, picks up her feet and has worn a bareback pad. She is very smart and sweet, and despite her inital fear has adapted very well to life as a domestic horse. Cleo needs a lot more gentling until she is ready to be ridden or could just be a pasture pet. She is respectful of her handlers and is absolutely stunning to look at. She most certainly has some draft horse in her. Cleo will need a experienced person who has handled wild horses/mustangs successfully before. Please understand that if you are interested in adopting Cleo we will need you to demonstrate your expertise in handling wild horses, and a rigorous vetting program will be put in place. We want to protect our wild horse rescues and keep them safe from brokers and other unscrupulous horse traders.

Upcoming – Jamaal a wild foal captured by the Arizona Forest Service

Although Jamaal is not ready for adoption yet he has amazing potential. He already pops his head into the halter and we are now working on leading him on a line. He has a long way to go but we are hopeful he will find a forever home in the near future. His adoption price will be determined on his progress. He is also a mischief maker and this video will show you!

Clara – The Two Year Old Thoroughbred Filly – $1500 – Adopted


Clara came to us from the shelter as part of an Animal Control Seizure. She was just under two years old and had never been handled or had a halter on. Here I am assessing her in the round pen. Nothing special just seeing if she will move with me. We believe she is a Thoroughbred. Clara can now be haltered, has her feet trimmed, ties and has been doing a bit of ground work. She is available for adoption to a vetted home.

Lola – The Neglected Senior Horse – $1000 – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Miss Lola came to us as an owner relinquish. She was extremely underweight, anxious and needed her feet trimmed, teeth floated among other things. Lola now eats soaked alfalfa pellets and LMF senior. She does have some arthritis so is currently on Previcox. That said, she is now enjoying the trails, working out in the arena and just loves her humans. If you are looking for a quiet, experienced horse, especially for trail work, Lola is your girl. We estimate she is around 20 years old.

If you are interested in Lola, please get in touch.

Miss Maya the Mustang – age 4 years approx. Adoption Fee: $1000 – ADOPTED

This gorgeous,  mustang filly came from reservation land in Nevada.

We stepped in to save her and are working with her daily. She now pops her head in the halter, comes to a human, can be groomed, ties, leads on a long line, stops when you stop, ponies easily, happily wear a saddle, and has her feet trimmed. Maya loves to go on walks through the woods. She is confident in new situations and stays alert to her handler, she would be a wonderful trail horse.  A shy and sensible soul, Maya seems to want to please and tries hard to understand what her handler is asking of her.. She is smart too as most Mustangs are. The sky is the limit with this wonderful filly.

To enquire about adopting Maya please contact us today!

Please note: Potential adoptees must have experience bringing up young horses.

You can also Virtually Adopt Maya by visiting our Virtual Horse Adoption Page.

ZiZi – Bay Mare Approximately 12 years old – $1000


ZiZi looks to be a Connemara pony. She was a confiscation from an abuse case. Zizi found it hard to trust humans, and it’s my belief that she had been treated badly in the past. Our chiropractor adjusted her a while ago and found her poll to be out. She has likely had a headache and eyesight problems for a while. . ZiZi halters, leads, loads, picks up her feet and is doing really well under saddle.  She is approx. 12-years-old. Please call Julia at 831-588-5198 or contact us. Click here if you would like to  sponsor ZiZi’s continued training. 







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