Our Adoption Fees

A Rescued Horse is Not a Free or Cheap Horse

An Explanation of Adoption Fees

If you know how expensive it is to own a horse you will understand that we feel our adoption fees should be at what we consider to be fair market value. If we did not recoup some of our initial and on-going costs, we would not be able to do what do – rescue horses in need.

Our expenses far exceed the donations we receive and many of our volunteers delve into their own wallets to keep us up and running. So why do we ask for a Fair Market Value adoption fee?  There are many reasons some of which are outlined below.

It protects our horses from horse traders and “flippers”. Horses with a low or free adoption fee can be “adopted” by people that are dishonest on their application. These people see the horse as easy money and will turn around right away and sell the animal for three-four times the adoption fee they paid. It’s our aim to avoid this at all costs. By setting our adoption fees close to, or slightly under Fair Market Value we are able to  discourage traders, flippers and others trying to make a “quick buck”.

Costs We Incur After Rescue:
  • Hauling
  • Teeth Float
  • Farrier Visit
  • Vaccination
  • Basic Vet Check
  • Gelding if Horse is a Stallion

So initially we have spent an average of at least $1000 for each horse.

Add Training

All our rescued horses go through rehab and are trained/re-trained/educated so we can guarantee they are good-to go when ready for adoption and are less likely to be returned to us or worse.

So let’s we add this up:

  • $1,000  – 1st week expenses
  • $1,000 – Feed and Training for 3 months.
  • $1,000 –  Vet, Farrier bills

$3,000 actual minimum average cost to rescue just one horse 

Please also keep in mind that you will also be out of pocket for the same amount if you rescued that horse yourself.

And then consider this.

Our rescued horses have either been neglected, abused, abandoned or are wild horses captured by the BLMWHB. Most horses need a lot more vet care than the basic stuff outlined above.

If you want to rescue a horse from us then please appreciate that you will adopt a horse that is healthy,  trained (depending on the age of the horse. This means –  vet reports available upon request, full disclosure as to what our knowledge is on the horses health, ability, temperament, character and age.

Teeth will have been floated, feet trimmed or shod, vaccinations current, horse groomed and at a good body weight. Microchips will be inserted and registered.

In order to continue we feel it is justified to ask an adoption fee that is equal to or slightly lower than the fair market value of a comparable horse.

Many people that want to adopt expect an adoption fee of no more than $500 – $800 for a horse that we have spent months training and rehabilitating at considerable cost.

If this is what you feel a rescued horse is worth, there are plenty of horses needing rescue either for Free or at a cheap price but as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free horse!

 Thank you for understanding!


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