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My name is Julia Hyde, and I am the founder of Canham Farm Horse Rescue I was lucky enough to be able to spend a lot of time with horses when I was younger and through the years I’ve grown to love and respect them more and more.

I have seen a lot of good things done with horses in my time but unfortunately I have seen more bad. This is the reason I started Canham Farm Horse Rescue and Rehab — it was, and still is, a way for me to give back to all the horses that have, and are still, abused, neglected or unwanted.



Our Board Members and Lead Volunteers

Pictured Below in Order Left to Right

  • Jen Wooton, Board Member, Asst. Trainer, Lead Volunteer and Horses Helping Humans Coordinator.
  • Malia Valentine, Asst. Trainer, Lead Volunteer and Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Jackie Foley, Board Member, Fundraising Coordinator, Lead Volunteer
  • Jill Knapp, Board Member
  • Ashley Cartee – Board Member and Volunteer Scheduler
  • Els Buts, Volunteer
  • Jennifer Haas, Volunteer, Administration. 
  • Lara Schultz – Volunteer, Evening Feeding

More images coming soon!

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