Horsemanship Classes in Santa Cruz County

Canham Farm Horse Rescue Horsemanship Classes

Do you want to learn about horses and their behavior? Are you a new horse owner? Or have you just purchased or adopted a horse and are struggling to cope?

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, then Canham Farm Horse Rescue can help. Our Horsemanship Program is a hands-on class for children (over 12) and adults, who either have little or no experience with horses, want to hone their horsemanship skills or develop a better relationship with their horse.

These classes aim to help you get to know horses better through understanding their behavior, and learning to read their body language, as well as understanding how your body language effects them. All proceeds from our horsemanship classes go to our rescue horses.

Horsemanship Classes Include:

Safety on the ground
  • Groundwork for beginners
  • How to read and understand horse behavior
  • How to use your body language to communicate with a horse
  • Confidence building for horse and handler
  • How to develop a soft and authentic communication on the ground
  • Solving common problems, you might encounter with a horse
  • How to develop feel, timing and balance with your horse
  • How to become a better leader from your horse’s perspective
  • How to create a solid connection with your horse

If you’d like to learn more about our beginner horsemanship classes or reserve your spot, please contact us today!

  • Suggested Donation – Individual Class = $65 per hour
  • Suggested Donation – 2 Person Class  = $50 per hour
  • Suggested Donation – 4 Person Class =  $45 per hour


*Please Note Classes will be restarting in May 2023!*

 Complete the form below to schedule your class.

Please note that limited parking is available for horse trailers. Refreshments will be served.



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