Horses Helping Humans

Horses Helping Humans is a project aimed at anyone or group who may benefit from the therapeutic power of horses. The project will cater to people suffering from anxiety, stress, addiction recovery, carers and their families, people dealing with difficult circumstances, seniors who are in need of a sense of community, people facing barriers to employment, people who are homeless, vulnerable youth and children and adults with physical limitations such as cerebral palsy, stroke and head injuries. All our sessions are tailored to individual needs, capabilities and aims.

 Our sessions cover a range of activities with the horses and our horse rescue farm. Our aim is for participants to enjoy building a trusting partnership with the horse, while learning new skill overcoming obstacles that will help them in their daily lives.  therapy horse program

Our aim for this project is for participants to:

  • Learn about horse behavior and how they are capable of finding solutions to herd problems.
  • Learn how to take care of a horse, including grooming, feeding, mucking out
  • Find out how horses communicate, through body language and energy
  • Bond with the horse through massage and energy.
  • Or calmly connect with horses, many of which have been victims of abuse & neglect

“The rescued horses at Canham Farm Rescue & Rehab have been highly beneficial to my grandson with autism. It helps him develop natural core skills he needs to function in society such as making eye contact, communicating his feelings and expressing himself to those he cares about through physical communication with the horses.”  Mary L. Aptos, Santa Cruz.


We also encourage participants to learn about taking care of the farm to maintain a sustainable environment for the horses. We believe that horses can help us find our way and fit respectfully into our lives.

Other interests can also be incorporated, such as photography, art, wildlife, Yoga with Horses and meditation.

If you are interested in learning more about our Horses For Humans Program, please complete the form below and we will get back to you.


We are currently seeking funding to get this program off the ground and welcome your tax deductible gift to help us bring the unique project to Santa Cruz County Residents. If you are interested in supporting our new project, please donate using the form below.  Thank you all so much.



Please send an email to let us know which size and color you would like.