Adopted Horses

 Harry (AKA Dirty Harry

  • Adopted April 2020
  • Use: Ranch and Trail Horse
  • Where: California
  • Adoptee: Peter
  • Rescued because: Owner Relinquish

Lulu the Super Pony

  • Adopted January 2020
  • Use: Child’s Pony
  • Where: California
  • Adoptee: Michelle and Family
  • Rescued because: Lulu was an owner relinquish



Cheyenne – Now Named Harmony

  • Adopted: August, 2018
  • Use: Trail and Pleasure Horse When All Grown Up
  • Where: California
  • Adoptee: Lisa
  • Rescued Because: She was one of a pair of wild foals rounded up by the Piaute Nation in Nevada and Sold to the Fallon Kill Lot.


Maria –

  • Adopted December 2016
  • Use: Trail and Pleasure Horse
  • Where: California
  • Adoptee: Kari
  • Rescued Because: She was deemed too dangerous and going to be put to sleep.
Horse for Adoption Maria
Maria (Driftwoods Sunny Girl

 Liberty – the Horse Formerly Known as Dakota

  • Adopted: November 2017
  • Where – California
  • Use: Pleasure/Youth Horses
  • Adoptee: Jayden
  • Rescued Because: She was at a kill pen in Texas awaiting shipment to slaughter.





Yaya Toure

  • Adopted May 2018 as a 2 year old
  • Where: California
  • Use: Pleasure and Trail
  • Adoptees: Steve and Lisa
  • Rescued Because: He was destined for slaughterL