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Horse Rescue Volunteers

Giving your time to help us – whether it is hands on help with the horses in our care, assisting with our general administration or helping out with fundraising and creating awareness, your help makes a real difference.

Our volunteers also help raise money and awareness of our good work within their local communities and sometimes further afield!

There are lots of benefits to becoming a Canham Farm Horse Rescue volunteer. You will learn more about horses, meet new people and make new friends, develop or gain new skills and experiences or help you gain confidence and self-esteem. You will also become part of a valued team allowing you to give something back to an animal that has given this country so much, yet are often treated so badly.

Current Volunteer Positions

General Horse and Ranch Care

ZZ an abused horse
ZiZi, an Abused and Terrified Mare Learning to Trust Humans Again

We are in need of people to help out with general horse care. Duties include feeding horses, some mucking, interacting with horses (after volunteer training) and more depending on experience. We are a self-sustaining non-profit that relies on donations and fundraisers to meet our expenses.  These include paying for hay, vet and farrier visits, supplements, horse tack, and all utilities.

Our horse rescue has made a commitment to be open to anyone who wishes to be a volunteer, regardless of their finances, or their gender, ethnicity, or LGBTQ+. No one is turned away, but we do ask volunteers if they are able to pledge what they can to help keep our rescue afloat and enable us to rehabilitate these majestic, therapeutic animals.  

Fundraising Helper/Coordinator

We are looking for a person or a group of people to help us with fundraising. This volunteer job would include helping get the word out about our horse rescue, soliciting donations, creating small events and community outreach.

Advertising and Public Relations Coordinator

Dedicated, diligent and detailed oriented volunteer needed to help spread the word far and wide about us, what we do for horses.


We need help from repairing fences to building shelters. If you are handy with construction tools we need you!

Reading at the Ranch Program Coordinator

This program is for kids between the ages of 6 – 14 who may have some trouble reading, and give them a nonjudgmental audience to read to. The program will also good for the animals, because a lot of them haven’t been socialized, and so they learn to hear human voice and hear that it’s kind. And in general, horses really like young kids.”

We are going to offer the program once a month from April – September so the volunteer position will involve setting the program up, purchasing relevant books on our behalf (or working with the library), advertising the program and essentially running it. Children can come with their parents or guardians and you will be their guide.

If you think you would be good at something like this and you are able to work with horses and children we would love to hear from you. Please complete the form below and hit submit. We will be in touch!

If you can do two or more days a week please indicate the days in the additonal notes below.
The reason we ask for 6 months is that we spend a lot of time training and supervising new volunteers, so a minimum of 6 months is required.
By checking the "Yes" button above and submitting this application form I understand that my primary volunteer duties will be determined by the founder and that any contact with the horses, including entering stalls and paddocks to clean, must be authorized by the founder or senior volunteer on duty. As a volunteer I agree to follow Canham Farm’s policy of being respectful to all people at Canham Farm regardless of race, sex, creed, age, or national origin.  I also agree that any comments, written or spoken, online or offline will be respectful and supportive of Canham Farm’s reputation.  Horsemanship/riding lessons from Julia or Malia, if desired and she has the time to provide them, will cost $50 per lesson until 6 months of consistent volunteering or lessons has been completed. Riding lessons are not mandatory. You will, however, be obligated to attend a horsemanship class before any interaction with our horses and as needed throughout your time as a volunteer with us. I also agree that as a volunteer I have a "duty of care" to the horses and as such if I am unable to make my designated shift, we ask that you first try to find another volunteer to cover for you, emergencies excluded.



Sorry no children between the ages of 14 and 18 without an adult present.

Canham Farm Horse Rescue Volunteers