Support For Wild Horses

The Latest News About Our Nation’s Wild Horses and How

We Can Work Together to Stop Government Round-ups

What is it about wild horses that causes so much anger and distress to the American people? Is it because they are native animals? Or not native? Is it because the big ranchers want the land they roam on to graze their cattle? Is it because they “damage” the ecosystems of the rangelands or that they are not an endangered species. Or is it because they have few natural predators – the black bear and the Mountain Lion, and therefore upset the balance of prey and predator? Grey wolves are also predators of wild horses but due to and Wolves???


Because humans who settled the United States brought with them an intense hatred and fear of wolves, and because wolves can upset farmers by eating their livestock, human activity such as poisoning, trapping, and shooting wolves led to the almost complete extinction of the wolf in the United States. once aain its humans who have upset the balance not the horses


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