Horses in Training

Training, Re-Training and Rehabilitation

Canham Farm Horse Rescue has several horses either being trained, re-trained or rehabilitated. Rescued horses typically have some issues that need working through depending on their background. When a horse first arrives at our facility we do not begin working with them straight away. We let them settle for a couple of weeks while observing and interacting with them using encouragement rather than fear or intimidation.  We have found that putting too much pressure on horses (especially too soon) can do more harm than good.

We do not rush. Whatever the horse’s issue, we work with them slowly, gaining trust and striving to create a partnership between us and the horse.


ZiZi came to us scared and sensitive to touch especially around her head and rear. Her anxiety led to
her racing around as if she was being chased by a mountain lion. Here we are working on helping
ZiZi be calm and relaxed. We are hoping to back her soon so she can have a riding career. You
can Virtually Adopt ZiZi while she is being rehabilitated, but right now she is helping our Yearlings learn how to be horses.


Our  Orphaned Filly,  Maya. (Right)








Cielo – a yearling Devil’s Garden Mustang

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