Help Save Our Devil’s Garden Wild Horses From Slaughter

The California Devil’s Garden Wild Horses Are Under Attack.

While We are Actively Advocating For The Devil’s Garden Wild Horses, We Need Your Help To Make Our Efforts Go Even Further!

(Photo Credit: Steve Paige)

Imagine the Scene…

A helicopter, sometimes flying just feet off the ground, chases the Wild Devil’s Garden Wild Horses across their rangelands and into metal pens where U.S. Forest Service Contractors lay in wait to slam a gate closed behind them. They are trapped, terrified, separated from their families with no hope of escape.

Some of these horses will be adopted, others will either end up in longterm holding facilities or could be sold to unscrupulous buyers who may ship them to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.

You Can Help Us Save These Wild Horses.

Your Support is Crucial to Our Efforts to Stop This Atrocity and Help Us Stop The Slaughter.

If you are able, we would love it if you could make a donation to help us achieve our mission, RESCUE as many of these horses as we can and STOP THE SLAUGHTER.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Help!
  • Make a donation here: Please Note For “Other” Use the “Amount to Donate” Option. Thank you.
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  • Purchase One Or More of Our “Save The Devil’s Garden Horses” Tees
  • Mail a Check to Our Snail Mail Address: CFHR, C/O 480 La Cuesta Drive, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Thank You So Much.

Please Read the Following Quote from the The Forest Service Via AP News

The agency (Forest Service) denies claims by horse advocates it has made up its mind to sell the more than 250 horses for slaughter. But it also says it may have no choice because of the high cost of housing the animals and continued ecological impacts it claims overpopulated herds are having on federal rangeland.

“While slaughtering wild horses does not present a pleasant picture, the reality of this dire situation is not pleasant,” Justice Department lawyers representing the agency wrote in its most recent filing last month. “The Forest Service is taking a step to reduce what is universally recognized as a natural catastrophe.”