Born in 2013 after a BLM Roundup, Willow was held at Ridgecrest Corrals until (we believe) she was either part of the TIP program or at least some competition involving prize money for training a wild horse in 100 days. This is what we have been told and we cannot verify it at the moment. Willow has been passed around a lot, been to trainer after trainer and ended up at the SPCA But here’s the problem: we believe that at some point Willow has had some rough treatment likely using a Natural Horsemanship method – a method that when overdone can cause over de-sensenitisation.

Although kind and gentle Willow has some emotional problems when it comes to humans. When she first came to us, we were told the handlers could not pick up her feet, could not be haltered, and it had taken three people to halter her for the vet to sedate her: one person to hold her halter, one  to feed cookies, and one to give her the shot. Unfortunatly, the handlers gave up and called it a day.

Please bear in mind that we have not had any major difficulties with Willow. Yes she was scared and would tremble, yes she is uncomforble picking up her back feet up but we are working with her.

After just over a month with us, Willow is now meeting us at the gate and popping her head into the halter, no longer trembles, ands now allowing us to lift her feet.

Willow is a very pretty horse with soft eyes and the longest eyelashes. She has fitted into our herd nicely, and it would be wonderful if we could get sponsors to cover the cost of her care.

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